RED5 릴리즈 정보




RED5 릴리즈 정보


변경된 사항

RED 1.0 버전명이 Final 이네요.


이후의 버전은 나오지 않으려 하나?


Red5 홈페이지에도 찾기 힘든 버전별 히스토리 정보를 공유 합니다.



RED5 Reference 가이드 : red5-reference-1.0.pdf

change log

Red5 1.0.0 (2012-12-03)
New Features:
- Added vod and live application samples
- Added Aggregate packet type
- Added AMF3 Vector type
- Added dynamic streaming and play2 support
- JMX overhauled to utilize built-in Spring objects
- Modified bandwidth handling to more acurately follow what FMS does
- Modifications to support Wirecast and other broadcast clients that don't use the same publish request that FlashPlayer uses

Bugfixes: 151 since 0.9.2

Other: 277 issues since 0.9.2

Also note that these bug / issue details are a small subset of reported items since 2010, the older wiki and Trac are no longer available for comparison.

Red5 0.9.0 (2010-01-27)
New Features:
- Added AVC/h.264 live streaming based on Tiago Jacobs patches
- Added enums for Audio and Video codec types
- Added capability to add IoFilters to RTMPConnection per application
- Added AAC live streaming code based on Wittawas Nakkasem's IceSurf code
- Created plug-in / server module system
- Created ICY / NSV streaming plug-in
- Created Authentication plug-in supporting FMS and Red5 authentication routines
- Created Administration plug-in based on the admin demo
- Added native RTMPS support

- Fixed bug with recording, where meta files were not removed when using the same name
- Changed VideoCodecFactory into a "true" factory class
- Applied patch for h.264 live stream packet handling from Dave Feltenberger
- Applied FP patch from Ari-Pekka Viitanen
- Fixed #652 Mistake in RTMPT Configuration lines in red5-core.xml
- Fixed #635 Bug with loading global flashpolicy.xml file
- Fixed #651 RTMPMinaTransport throws exception if isEnableMinaMonitor is true
- Fixed security policy for red5; Java Security Manager may now be used
- Fixed #653 Missing license headers
- Fixed #654 ContextLoggingListener for Logback 0.9.17
- Fixed #631 Memory leak using IServiceCapableConnection.invoke
- Fixed #638 Flash Lite 3.0 conneting with RED5 (invalid)
- Fixed #657 Timestamp corruption in recorded .flv, when stream also subscribed
- Fixed #658 Broken servlet paths for RTMPT and RTMPS
- Fixed #497 Flash Player cannot connect to RTMPS with error NetConnection.Connect.CertificateUntrustedSigner
- Fixed #582 Native SSL support for RTMPS (no HTTP wrapping)
- Fixed #479 -,,, - does not work

Red5 0.8.0 (2009-06-04)
New Features:
- Use ExtendedPropertyPlaceholderConfigurer for Spring placeholderConfig bean
  (APPSERVER-333; Patch from Michael Guymon)
- Updated Mina to 2.0.0-M6
- Multiple socket binding on single RTMP transports
- Context duplication on each Catalina host

- Red5 War Version Does not Shutdown Gracefully (APPSERVER-325; patch from
  Gordon Hempton).
- Scope Memory Leak (APPSERVER-347; patch from Gordon Hempton)
- AMF3 uses Maps for references (CODECS-13; patch from Peter Rendl)
- src/org/red5/io/flv/meta/ use Jetty log instead of slf4j
  (APPSERVER-318; patch from Damien Raude-Morvan)
- References are stored too late when deserializing AMF3 arrays (CODECS-12;
  patch from Peter Rendl).
- ConversionUtils fail to convert to primitive arrays (CODECS-14;
  patch from Peter Rendl).
- ConversionUtils fail to convert to sets (CODECS-15; patch from Peter Rendl).
- Encoded double arrays contain integer values (APPSERVER-362; patch from
  Christoph Botsch)
- Errors logged for empty class name (CODECS-17; patch from Peter Rendl)
- Destroy and disposible bean lifecycle events were not firing in the server
  upon shutdown and jvm exit (No jira)
- Created means for segregated Quartz schedulers per application. The bug was
  that the main scheduler has no idea where to location classes you try
  to access in your scheduled job (No jira)
- Issue when reading empty persistent shared objects (APPSERVER-364)
- Removed Jacksum API, replaced with function available in commons-codec (APPSERVER-350)
- Added updated implementation of RtmpSampleAccess (APPSERVER-315)
- Added configuration to ContextLoader for shutdown hook to fix APPSERVER-372
- Allow usage of different SLF4J implementations instead of logback only as forced by Red5LoggerFactory (APPSERVER-369)
- Logging broken by revision 3606 (APPSERVER-383)
- Added ping calculation patch
- War deployment (APPSERVER-357)

Red5 0.8.0 RC2 (2009-02-07)
New Features:
- Testing: Added a new automated testing framework

- RemotingClient decoding errors (Jira APPSERVER-296)
- Codec typos (Jira APPSERVER-309)
- Exception is thrown when doing operation (Jira SN-94)
- Scope access does not work if invoked from external Application
  (Jira APPSERVER-306)
- Childscopes not visible on customly created scopes (Jira APPSERVER-298)
- Config removal dynamically created room scopes (Jira APPSERVER-165)
- NullPointerException in RTMPProtocolDecoder.decodeHeader under load
  (Jira SN-103)
- Remote Shared Objects: Sync event doesnt dispatch (Jira CS-5)
- Server doesn't start on Windows (JIRA APPSERVER-336)
- Cannot run red5.bat when there is existing classpath set in environment
- NetStream.send in record mode not working (Jira APPSERVER-329)
- NetStream.send "append" mode patch (Jira APPSERVER-338)
- Memory leak in RemotingConnection (Jira APPSERVER-328)
- Connection objects are not removed from parent scopes when a connection
  is refused in a sub-scope (Jira APPSERVER-261)
- WAR deployer is failing to extract war files (Jira APPSERVER-337)
- Security sandbox violation: BitmapData.draw (Jira APPSERVER-315)
- AMF0 does not echo Array's the way AMF3 does (Jira APPSERVER-311)
- Red5LoggerFactory fails with an NPE if you pass in a context name that
  hasn't been defined or is not known (Jira APPSERVER-341)
- red5.bat doesn't work on Windows machines, red5-debug.bat works, though.
  (Jira APPSERVER-340)
- KeepAliveJob does not disconnect client regardless of MaxInactivity setting (Jira APPSERVER-342)
- Issues serializing Custom Objects contained in Arrays or collections (Jira APPSERVER-320)

Red5 0.8.0 RC1 (2008-09-29)
New Features:
- Socket policy file server to support new security model, starting
  with Flash Player 9,0,124,0
- Virtual hosting capabilities (Tomcat only)
- W3C log appender for logback modeled after FMS log events and categories
- Ability to unload a context using the ContextLoader
- RTMPS support (Jira SN-69)
- Set default J2EE servlet container / HTTP server to Tomcat
- Flex based application installer for Red5 web applications
- War auto-deployer service
- Added additional MP3 ID3 data to the onMetaData event
- onImageData and MP3 cover art support

- RTMPProtocolDecoder fixed to support RSO sendMessage (Jira CODECS-9)
- Fixed Tomcat logging problem
- Fixed memory leak in ServiceUtils
- Fixed connection timeout (Jira SN-95 / APPSERVER-274)
- Resolved exception with WarLoaderServlet (Jira APPSERVER-224)
- Resolved log directory issue (Jira APPSERVER-246)
- Resolved ServerStream issue with w3c logging (Jira APPSERVER-263)
- Added patch to support ability to implement IBroadcastStream for custom
  streaming protocols (Jira SN-87)
- Resolved OSX connection problem with players > version 9,0,115
- Added patch for InvocationTargetException on missing files
  (Jira SN-99 and SN-97)
- Fixed a small issue with stream ids > 100
- Added patch for FLV metadata handling
- Added patch for RTMPT client
- Added patch for start and stop scripts
- Fixed logging in web applications
- Root cause was not being sent on error in Flex message service
  (Jira APPSERVER-288)
- Allow serializer to make use of other annotations like JPA
  (Jira APPSERVER-277)
- Collections are not serialized appropriately (Jira APPSERVER-293)
- Unable to read external AMF3 arrays in IExternalizable classes
  (Jira APPSERVER-283)
- Dealock issues with fix in (Jira APPSERVER-289)
- Bug with scope stopping and multithreading (Jira APPSERVER-290)
- SharedObjects modified flag doesn't get set to false (Jira APPSERVER-291)
- Delete/overwrite streams from clientside (Jira SN-20)
- InsufficientBW with VP6 encoder - live stream (Jira SN-77)
- User friendly error message for port/permission problems (Jira APPSERVER-299)
- Split demos and Flash sources into their own top level directories
- Added application snapshot repository
- Applied patches for JUnit (Jira DT-4)

Red5 0.7.0  (2008-02-23)
New Features:
- Initial Edge/Origin clustering support for multiple Edges with a single
  Origin (Jira APPSERVER-66)
- Added stream listeners that can get notified about received packets
- Support for server-side Javascript (Jira APPSERVER-169)
- Added new base class org.red5.server.adapter.MultiThreadedApplicationAdapter
  that allows multiple clients to connect simultaneously to the same
- Added new Flash Player 9 statuses NetStream.Play.FileStructureInvalid and
- New Flex admin tool (Jira APPSERVER-242)

- Pause near end of buffered streams works as expected (Jira APPSERVER-199)
- Fixed potential memory leak with RTMPT connections that are not properly
  closed (Jira APPSERVER-193)
- "onMetaData" is only written to newly recorded FLV files and contains
  valid properties now
- Don't try to decode objects for closed RTMPT connections
  (Jira APPSERVER-208)
- New multi-threaded connection code fixes various timeout issues
  (Jira APPSERVER-122, Jira APPSERVER-166 and Jira APPSERVER-167)
- Always use correct classloader inside applications (Jira APPSERVER-200)
- Tomcat cannot undeploy red5 application (Jira APPSERVER-204)
- "ByteArray" objects used old data after calling "compress" or "uncompress"
  (Jira APPSERVER-211)
- "@DontSerialize" checks for properties also in inherited classes
  (Jira APPSERVER-225)
- Enabled bidirectional class serialization (Jira APPSERVER-219)
- Array typed parameters in remoting service methods converted properly
  (Jira APPSERVER-161)

Red5 0.6.3  (2007-09-17)
New Features:
- Remoting requests from "mx:RemoteObject" supported (Jira APPSERVER-144)
- RTMPT working with Tomcat
- Added thread that writes modified persistent objects periodically.
  This reduces server load if multiple attributes of one object,
  or the same object is modified frequently.
- Location of "webapps" folder can be configured in bean "jetty6.server"
  inside "conf/red5.xml" (Jira APPSERVER-152)
- "IStreamFilenameGenerator" can specify if it returns absolute or relative
- Applications can be unloaded and loaded without restarting Red5
- "mx.collections.ArrayCollection" objects supported by AMF3 codec
- Object attributes are converted if necessary in AMF0/AMF3 codecs
- "mx.utils.ObjectProxy" objects supported by AMF3 codec (Jira APPSERVER-173)
- "IConnection" objects for Remoting properly store attributes accross
  multiple requests by using sessions
- Remoting headers are accessible through "IConnection.getConnectParams"
- "ByteArray" objects supported (Jira APPSERVER-189)
- "NetStream.send" messages are properly passed through from Flex clients
  (Jira APPSERVER-185)
- Class fields that should not be serialized when sending objects to clients
  can be annotated with "@DontSerialize" (in "org.red5.annotations")
- Public methods can be protected from being called through RTMP, RTMPT or
  Remoting by using "@DeclarePrivate" and "@DeclareProtected".
- Support for XML objects added to AMF3 codec (Jira APPSERVER-196)

- Validate RTMP handshake received from client (Jira APPSERVER-159)
- Array typed parameters are converted correctly (Jira APPSERVER-161)
- RTMPTHandler is wired through Spring (Jira APPSERVER-150)
- fixed concurrency issue in RTMP encoder that could result in wrong
  packet header types (Jira APPSERVER-177)
- IStreamAwareScopeHandler methods are also called for server side streams
- "NetConnection.Connect.AppShutdown" is returned when trying to connect
  to application that currently is unloaded (Jira APPSERVER-13)
- State is properly reset if exceptions occur in package decoding
  (Jira APPSERVER-137)
- Numbers outside integer range are correctly serialized in AMF3 codec
- return proper error object that triggers "onStatus" for
  "" in case of errors (Jira APPSERVER-192)
- Fixed endless loop in playlist controller with only one item in it
  (Jira APPSERVER-191)
- Fixed renaming across filesystems (Jira SN-59)
- Updated Jetty to 6.1.5 (Jira APPSERVER-123)
- Fixed deserialization of AMF3 encoded SO events (Jira APPSERVER-188)

Red5 0.6.2  (2007-06-17)
- "pause" no longer breaks live streams (Jira APPSERVER-136)
- Configured subscopes don't get released when a client disconnects
- AMF requests could not be decoded when run in the context root
  (Jira APPSERVER-146)
- Fixed bug for Remoting requests without parameters (Jira APPSERVER-147)
- Fixed issue with stop/start of war in Tomcat (Jira APPSERVER-155)
- Fixed handshake reply for Flash Player 9 Update 3
- IMetaData supports fractional framerates (Jira APPSERVER-157)
- Correctly reject empty stream names (Jira APPSERVER-156)
- Fixed problem with loading some JAR files from the applications
  classpath (Jira APPSERVER-141)
- Fixed decoding of Remoting requests with multiple parameters
  (Jira APPSERVER-151)

Red5 0.6.1  (2007-05-23)
New Features:
- Switched to use mina 1.1, more config options in
- Newly recorded files start with an "onMetaData" tag containing the
  duration and the codecs used
- Added a JMX subsystem with RMI and HTTP connectors
- Simplified MBean unregistration and added a registration check prior to
  the unregister attempt (Jira APPSERVER-118)
- "IServerStream" now also supports "pause" and "seek"
- Enabled RMI + SSL for JMX
- Added JMX authentication
- Added Shutdown class for cleanly shutting down a Red5 instance
- Added support for AMF3 in remoting server
- "receiveAudio" and "receiveVideo" work for VOD streams (Jira SN-22)

- "NetStream.Record.Failed" is sent for IO errors that occurred during
  recording (Jira APPSERVER-64)
- Fixed possible deadlock if methods are invoked by a connecting client
  on a client that is currently disconnecting (Jira APPSERVER-108)
- Fixed NPE when connecting without application given (Jira APPSERVER-116)
- Fixed various problems with deserialization of AMF3 objects that implement
  IExternalizable (Jira CODECS-2)
- Fixed warning about deprecated Jetty configuration (Jira APPSERVER-115)
- Fixed possible deadlock involving PersistableAttributeStore and Scope
  (Jira APPSERVER-122)
- Display better message if RMI connection to "rmiregistry" could not
  be established (Jira APPSERVER-125)
- Python scripts can import classes available only in the classpath of a
  webapp (Jira APPSERVER-92)
- Fixed Ruby application issue by updating to Spring 2.0.5 and JRuby 0.9.8
  (Jira APPSERVER-93)
- Fixed async calling of remoting methods (Jira APPSERVER-131)
- Accessing root of RTMPT server no longer results in 404 but redirects to
  HTTP port (Jira APPSERVER-130)
- Disconnect clients that don't send a valid handshake (Jira APPSERVER-128)
- Reduced max. idle time to prevent too many open sockets when using RTMPT
  with HTTP/1.0 (Jira APPSERVER-87)
- Fixed potential NPEs in PlaylistSubscriberStream (Jira SN-40)
- Fixed various problems with deserializing AMF0 references in remoting
- Fixed frozen video if audio is disabled in live streams (Jira SN-22)

Red5 0.6    (2007-04-23)
New features:
- Recording/playback of files to/from subscopes implemented
  (Jira APPSERVER-103)

- Ghost connection detection code rewritten to better detect dead clients
  (Jira APPSERVER-38, SN-37)
- Deserialization of objects defined in webapp classpath fixed
- Fixed AMF3 deserializer for references from attributes to parent classes
  (Jira APPSERVER-101)
- Jython example adjusted for new bandwidth API (Jira APPSERVER-92)
- Workaround added to deal with broken MP3 files (Jira APPSERVER-62)
- "start" and "length" are properly evaluated when playing back VOD streams
- Fixed seeking not working for MP3 or audio-only FLV files
- Don't log contents of wrong objects (Jira APPSERVER-109)
- Fixed potential NPEs in PlaylistSubscriberStream
- A client buffer of 0 on live streams no longer breaks playback (Jira CS-3)
- Fixed shutdown error in Tomcat with WAR version by updating to SLF4J 1.3.1
  (Jira APPSERVER-107)
- "NetStream.Play.InsufficientBW" is sent if client is too slow receiving
  video streams (Jira APPSERVER-51)
- Improved frame dropping code for slow connections

Red5 0.6rc3 (2007-04-11)
New features:
- Keyframe informations are cached so files don't need to be reparsed
  before playback
- Connections from Flash Media Encoder and On2 Flix Live supported
- Access to shared objects can be limited (Jira APPSERVER-25)
- Connections can provide a list of remote addresses. This is usefull
  for proxied RTMPT connections.

- Bandwidth control code has been rewritten to fix stability issues and
  memory leaking in high concurrency connection count situations
- Serialization of Maps with non-number keys fixed (Jira APPSERVER-60)
- Multiple IO processor threads are used by default
- Memory leak when closing RTMPT connections fixed (Jira APPSERVER-61)
- Merged WAR build script with primary script, also moved WAR specific
  startup servlet into trunk
- Deserializing of remoting results fixed (Jira APPSERVER-63)
- Fixed "error in object encoding" when rejecting AMF3 clients
  (Jira APPSERVER-73)
- Concurrency problems when closing a connection fixed (Jira APPSERVER-59)
- Unnecessary NetStream.Play.* events are no longer sent when playback
  stopped (Jira APPSERVER-70)
- SimplePlaylistController setRepeat and setRandom fixed (Jira SN-27)
- NPE in SimpleBWControlService fixed (Jira APPSERVER-75)
- Reference bugs in AMF3 encoder fixed (Jira APPSERVER-81)
- "NetStream.Play.Failed" is sent correctly now (Jira APPSERVER-52)
- Concurrency issue fixed in SimpleBWControlService (Jira SN-32)
- Fixed problem when decoding MP3 files with signed values in the
  ID3v2 tag size (Jira APPSERVER-86)
- "NetStream.Seek.Failed" is sent when trying to seek in live streams
  (Jira APPSERVER-84)
- "NetStream.Failed" is sent for exceptions during streaming methods
  (Jira APPSERVER-85)
- Random server freezing resolved (Jira APPSERVER-41)
- Send correct timestamps if seeking beyond end of file (Jira APPSERVER-54)
- Fixed NoSuchElementException when iterating connections during disconnect
  (Jira APPSERVER-94)
- Reference bugs im AMF3 decoder fixed (Jira APPSERVER-95)
- "NetStream.Play.Complete" is sent (APPSERVER-50)
- "NetStream.Play.Switch" is sent (APPSERVER-82)
- Streams are always played to the end (SN-8)
- Seeking in stopped streams fixed (APPSERVER-89)
- Fixed deadlock in shared objects under high load (APPSERVER-98)

Red5 0.6rc2 (2007-02-12)
New features:
- Stream classes can be configured through red5-common.xml (Trac #223)
- RTMP network library supports client mode (Trac #94)
- Source of VOD streams can be customized through IStreamFilenameGenerator
  (Trac #120)
- API: IStreamFilenameGenerator differs between playback and recording
- Results of method calls can be deferred until they are available to free
  io threads
- Transient fields will not be serialized any longer (Jira APPSERVER-27)
- Red5 compiles with Java6 now
- Support for AMF3 incl. IExternalizable objects added (Jira APPSERVER-31)
- Access to streams can be limited (Jira APPSERVER-25)
- (non-persistent) shared objects can be acquired by serverside code to
  prevent them from being released when the last client disconnects
  (Jira APPSERVER-48)

- Serialize RecordSet objects (Trac #201)
- "NetConnection.Connect.Rejected" is sent for non-existing scopes to
  match result code of FCS/FMS
- RTMPT through Jetty working again (Trac #213)
- Size of last frame is correctly written to .flv files
- Errors during "connect" are reported back to client through RTMPT
- Fixed NPE in FlowControlService thread (Trac #175)
- Deserializing of mixed arrays now works in all cases (Trac #109, #195)
- "NetStream.Record.Start" and "NetStream.Record.Stop" are sent (Trac #127)
- "NetStream.Publish.BadName" is sent if two clients try to publish/record
  a stream with the same name
- Streams stopped if bandwidth limit was set too high (Trac #165)
- Fixed potential concurrency issue in FlowControlService (Trac #224)
- Stream notification callbacks are invoked on reused connetions (Trac #133)
- The playlist is flushed by default (Jira APPSERVER-6)
- Fixed ClassCastException in "pendingVideoMessages" (Jira APPSERVER-14)
- calling "pause" with null argument works again (Jira APPSERVER-12)
- "NetStream.Publish.BadName" is only sent if another client is already
  publishing a stream
- Playing a stream while being recorded now works (Jira SN-4, SN-13)
- "IPendingServiceCall.isSuccess()" returns true when a result has been
  received (Jira APPSERVER-35)
- The "" setting from "" is evaluated
  (Jira APPSERVER-36)
- "IBroadcastStream" knows about the filename it is being recorded to
  (Jira APPSERVER-30)
- BufferOverflowException for empty RTMP packets fixed (Jira APPSERVER-37)
- FLV files are no longer locked after playback (Jira APPSERVER-17)
- SharedObjects support "getAttributes" (Jira APPSERVER-45)
- MP3 files containing images can be played back (Jira APPSERVER-47)
- Fixed parsing of long strings (Jira APPSERVER-44)
- Fixed pausing and seeking audio-only flv files (Jira SN-17)
- Number of streams is no longer limited (Jira SN-14)
- "NetStream.Play.Failed" is returned if a VOD stream can not be played
  due to IO errors (Jira APPSERVER-52)
- "NetStream.InvalidArg" is returned for invalid arguments
  (Jira APPSERVER-55)
- "NetConnection.Connect.InvalidApp" is returned for non-existing application
  scopes on the server
- "NetStream.Record.NoAccess" is returned if file could not be created
  or written to (Jira APPSERVER-53)
- Error when setting SO attributes fixed (Jira APPSERVER-57)

Red5 0.6rc1 (2006-10-30)
New features:
- Created WAR (Web Application Archive) version of Red5
  (Separate repository java/war)
- Enabled Tomcat or Jetty as J2EE container implementations
- FLV cache implementations (2 are included) (Trac #99)
- Scripting support (javascript, ruby, python, groovy, and bsh)
  based on Spring 2 and JSR223

- Last frames aren't lost when reading .flv files (Trac #90)
- FileConsumer acted on all consumer pipe events (Trac #92)
- Improved timestamps of live streams to be more in sync with FMS (Trac #93)
- FileConsumer modified position of incoming messages (Trac #91)
- Events should support reference counting (Trac #103)
- ServerStream playback jerky (Trac #77)
- "NetStream.send" events are properly recorded
- Reusing streams works (Trac #123)
- Fixed NPE if no bandwidth settings are available (Trac #129)
- "close" can be called on RTMPT connections multiple times (Trac #166)
- Fixed synchronizing problem with clients publishing repeatedly (Trac #124)
- RTMPT connections can be closed from the serverside (Trac #179)

Red5 0.5    (2006-07-25)
New features:
- Frame dropping for live streams depending on available bandwidth
- Added "receiveAudio", "receiveVideo" and "send" for streams
- Destination of recorded streams can be customized (Trac #73)
- VOD stream flow control adapts bandwidth based on buffer time (Trac #63)
- Up-/downstream bandwidth can be specified

- Only the same instances are serialized as references (Trac #58)
- Re-added JSP support in manifest file of red5.jar (Trac #59)
- "tagPosition" is updated in FLVReader when seeking (Trac #55)
- Automatic subscopes of the host scope are disabled so only connections
  to existing applications are possible
- Running "ant" after setup keeps wrapper configuration (Trac #76)
- MP3 files with unsupported sample rates are detected (Trac #66)
- Timestamps of recorded .flv files were wrong sometimes (Trac #78)
- Stream types could be reused leading to a ClassCastException (Trac #84)
- "ns.pause" working if no flag given (Trac #67)
- A keyframe is sent for paused streams when seeking

Red5 0.5rc1 (2006-07-11)
New features:
- Refactored streaming code
- Refactored scope services
- Refactored rtmp message de-/encoding
- Enabled subscopes
- Bandwidth control for on-demand streams
- Experimental support for serverside streams
- Added dynamic "onMetaData" for mp3 streams
- Added persistence for scopes and shared objects
- Added support for simple "directory-only" applications
- Added remoting client support (sync / async)
- Added deserializer for RecordSet remoting results
- Arbitrary objects can be registered as service handlers
- IClientRegistry can be customized for each scope
- WEB-INF directories are added to the classpath (Trac #27)
- Clients can be rejected with a custom error message
- Basic "onMetaData" is generated dynamically for .flv files without any
  meta data (Trac #23)

- MP3 files that have their protection bit set
- MP3 files encoded MPEG 2, Layer III (Trac #15)
- MP3 files with incomplete last frame
- Shared objects bugfixes (Trac #11, #22, #25)
- Application handlers were not called on disconnect
- IConnection.close() now closes connection (Trac #19)
- Connecting to non-existent applications returns correct error now
- Jetty correctly runs on all virtual hosts (Trac #26)
- Map objects are serialized correctly
- Methods could be invoked with converted parameters before invoking them
  with the original parameters
- Support invoking methods with "null" as parameter (Trac #29)
- Directories for recorded files are created if they don't exist (Trac #20)
- "pause(java.lang.Object, int)" was reversed for streams (Trac #16)
- Serialization of arbitrary objects uses reflect api to access fields,
  fixes various problems with inner classes and internal objects like
  IConnection / IClient
- Invalid stream ids are handled in "deleteStream" (Trac #21)
- Stream name prefixes and names without extensions supported (Trac #28)

Red5 0.4.1  (2006-05-01)
- MP3 audio streams
- "seek" and "pause" for on-demand streams (Trac #4)
- "Address already in use" fixed after restart (Trac #5)
- Bugfixes for shared objects (Trac #6)
- Bugfixes for videoconference sample (Trac #7)
- Connection strings without hostname supported (Trac #8)
- Flash 7 version of the videoconference sample added

Red5 0.4    (2006-04-20)
- Public server-side api
- AMF remoting
- Metadata API
- Basic samples and documentation

Red5 0.3    (2006-02-21)
- Live streams
- Shared objects

Red5 0.2    (2005-10-21)
- First public release
- Video streams
- Echo service



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